is an app associated with an universal adapter offering the tools needed to create
optical science.

Our vision

We want to ease the education of microscopy, telescopy and many more.

Universal ScienceScope adapter

We bring you an innovative solution for all your optical devices.

With the ScienceScope adapter you can turn any optical equipment into a connected device.
Easily convert your optical instruments and start broadcasting online or even access them remotely.
The ScienceScope adapter enables you to capture images straight from your microscope, telescope and many more.


Smartphone Universal Adapter

With the ScienceScope adapter, you will be able to share your microscopic, telescopic and many other “ics” observations on the app network.


Compatible with most of Optics Devices

The ScienceScope Adaptor can easily be associated with a lot of optics devices such as microscope, telescope, binoculars and many more.


The ScienceScope adapter will adapt to your phone and not the other way around

The phone position can be adapted anytime and even either when the adapter is fixed on the optical device!

An app

With all advanced features, you'll fall in love.


Go live

All you need is an internet connection and you will be able to stream your observations within your community.


Editing tool

The ScienceScope editing tool enable you to create custom-made optical shots: Shapes, Arrows, Filters and many more.


Stay tuned for more Scientific News

Create your own scientific newsfeed based on other user platform activity and RSS feeds

For the scientific and medical communities
  • A cost-effective way to connect your optical devices.
  • Remote access through incrypted connection.
  • Go live choosing between private and public audiences of ScienceScopers.
For teachers and universities
  • A visionnaire, connected and cost effective way to teach optical science.
  • Entertain a whole class room or an auditorium using your phone and one single microscope!
  • Create your scientific teaching material from your own optical devices …
  • … and share it with a connected community of ScienceScopers !
For Students
  • A new and innovative way to learn optical science.
  • Directly point out at the teacher which elements you can't identify !
  • An easy way get a picture out of the lab !
  • Become Scienscopers and share microscopic, telescopic and other "ic" :) content.
For enthusiasts who want to know more
  • Share your observations using the ScienceScope adapter and app!
  • Livestreams covering observations in real time or replay.
  • An innovative editor tool to customize your shots …
  • … and to create your own tribe of ScienceScopers

We are looking for future ScienceScopers inspired by our project.


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For enthusiasts who want to know more.

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